All-weather high-speed commuting in New York City;

   Recommendations for cycling gear and accessories;

   All-season cycling clothing suggestions and reviews;

   Ultra-light, long-distance bike touring, and day trips;

   My favorite New York City rides


From 50,000 miles on a road bike, I have learned a bit about road cycling: such as gear and clothes that work well for year-round, fast commuting in a big city; routes and tips for high-speed, long-distance international bike touring; and ideas for cool day trip rides near New York City.  


When I started cycling a decade ago, I wish I had found a website containing all of this information in one place.  So I created this one.  


Maybe you are considering buying your first road bike and what you might do with it.  Or you’re considering bike commuting in almost all weather in a busy city and want ideas for gear and clothing.  Perhaps you are planning a week-long, high-speed European bike tour (I describe three such trips – Amsterdam to Venice, Wurzburg to Vienna, and Tirano to Berlin), or you want to ride a one-day epic, such as climbing Mount Evans in Colorado.  Or you’re visiting New York and are looking for ride ideas. 


I hope you find information that will help you achieve your cycling goals.