Year-Round Cycling Clothing


Light and Motion VIS 360 Helmet Light The VIS 360 Light is a lightweight lighting system that connects to the helmet and is easily removable. When removed, the helmet mounts hardly visible. The front white light has bright, brighter, and flashing modes, and blinking yellow side and red rear lights. This lighting system is critical for commuting in a big city and can be used to light a dark trail. In flashing mode at helmet height, the light provides excellent visibility. The angle of the front light is easily adjustable on the fly to correspond with cycling speed.


Giro Synthe Helmet


The Giro Synthe Helmet is an ultra-lightweight helmet with an excellent balance of aerodynamics and ventilation.

This helmet is noticeably quieter than other comparable helmets, especially at speeds above 20 mph. It seems to slice through the wind. The straps are comfortable and the closing system is very good.  




Uvex Sportstyle 202 Variomatic Sunglasses

The Uvex Sportstyle 202 Variomatic Sunglasses are excellent cycling sunglasses. The lenses automatically adjust to lighting conditions, ranging from clear to dark black, and do so quickly. The lenses also have a fog-free coating. The glasses do not interfere with peripheral vision and remain sturdy on the ears during hard rides with sudden movement.





Assos fuguFace_S7


The Assos fuguFace_S7 is Assos’ warmest balaclava. The material covering the head acts as a complete shield to freezing winds while remarkably also allowing sweat-wicking. The face-covering material is very warm but also very permeable allowing for easy breathing through the material. The glasses loops at ear level are an excellent feature, allowing the balaclava to remain sealed from the elements. This balaclava is easily warm enough to use on its own down to 10F.



Assos faceMask_S7


The Assos faceMask_S7 is an excellent balaclava for temps between 25F and 45F. Like its warmer counterpart, the fuguFace, this balaclava has superb warmth-retaining and wicking capabilities. This allows it to be used in a wide range of temperatures, keeping the user warm when it’s very cold but also shedding significant heat and minimizing moisture buildup when it’s a little warmer. The loops for glasses are an excellent feature. If you buy only one head covering for cold weather cycling, this is the one to get.



Assos fuguCap_S7


The Assos fuguCap_S7 is a warm cap that is useful when temperatures are too high for a balaclava but windchills may cause the head to be cold. The cap has convenient loops for glasses, and is breathable, and quick-drying. It is a versatile cap for a wide range of cooler temperatures.





Assos roboCap_S7


The Assos roboCap_S7 is an excellent lightweight cap that has a surprising level of warmth but is also thin and permeable enough so the head does not overheat when temperatures rise slightly. The fabric around the ears is thin and can be pushed up when temperatures are too high for ear covering. This cap is excellent for a wide range of spring and fall temperatures.




Assos neckProtector_S7


The Assos neckProtector_S7 is a great accessory for fall and spring rides when temperatures fluctuate from slightly chilly to comfortably cool. The material is very light and permeable. To adjust for temperature variations during a ride, the neck protector can be easily pulled up to protect the face up to eye level or can be pulled down to serve as an extra neck covering. This is one of my favorite pieces of gear for cool winter temperatures.




Assos Robofoil Cap The Assos Robofoil Cap is a thin summer cap worn under the helmet. This deceptively simple-looking cap is remarkably functional, primarily for regulating head temperature and absorbing sweat. When temps are very high, this UV-rated cap keeps the head cool with incredible wicking performance. When temps cool down, the cap does a great job keeping the head warm.




The Assos LS.Skinfoil_Winterplus (7/7) is Assos’ warmest base layer, in its 1-7 range (2015). The functionality of this baselayer is remarkable. It is tight-fitting and serves as insulator regulating body temperature. Because it is very warm but also super breathable, it can be used in temperatures well below freezing (combined with an additional base layer on the coldest days) but also in temps up to 45F (with a light jacket). The baselayer minimizes moisture buildup, critical to keeping warm in cold conditions. The neck zipper allows for adjustments on the fly. The material also remains fresh-smelling after long, hard rides.

The Assos LS.Skinfoil_Winter_S7-Body Insulator is Assos’ warmest base layer, in its 1-4 range (2016). This baselayer was designed the replace the Winterplus (7/7) from the 2015 season. Like the previous version, this baselayer provides a superb combination of heat-retention and moisture-wicking. Wearing the two base layers together (under the Assos Bonka Jacket) provides enough warmth for the  coldest NYC weather (0F).  The quick-drying material remains fresh and soft even after multiple uses between washings.



Assos IJ.Bonka Cento Jacket


The Assos IJ.Bonka Jacket is Assos’s warmest outer-layer cycling jacket. The Mille version is looser-fitting, while the Cento jacket is tighter. The temperature range of this jacket is remarkable. It effectively blocks wind, and retains body heat on cold days (helped by the built-in neck gator). With two Assos baselayers underneath, this jacket is comfortable down to 0F. On warm days, the jacket has excellent breathing capabilities. The materials are excellent, and the zippers well built. This expensive jacket is well worth it if you are a regular winter cyclist.  


Assos IJ.Tiburu Jacket


The Assos IJ.Tiburu Jacket is a versatile jacket that comes in very handy during the spring and fall. It can be worn on its own with nothing underneath in temperatures around 50F, and works very well when paired with a baselayer in temperatures around 40F. The jacket is highly breathable but also wind-resistant. It dries quickly, fits well, and is very well-made. For riders that want to extend the riding season beyond the summer but may not want to ride through the winter, this is the perfect jacket.



Assos IJ.Intermediate_S7 Jersey


The Assos IJ.Intermediate_S7 Jersey is a remarkable long-sleeve jersey. It is comfortable in a wide range of temperature conditions, from 55F through 75F. The material is remarkable in that it keeps you warm during cooler temperatures but is not too hot for warmer temperatures. This is the perfect jersey for long rides on days around 60F when the temperature in the morning and evening is slightly cooler but warms up with the sun. Anytime I am thinking about wearing a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers, I consider this jersey as an alternative unless I am sure I will be removing the arm warmers mid-ride.


Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Barrier WxB Jacket


The Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Barrier WxB Jacket is an excellent rain jacket for cold weather rain. This jacket keeps a lot of of the rain out while keeping you warm. Zippers that run upwards along the side of the jacket allow for good temperature regulation. Because this jacket is not very breathable it is best for riding in cold rain below 55F.








Sugoi RS Jacket


Assos sJ Clima Schutz Jacket

The Sugoi RS Jacket is an ultralight shell jacket that is excellent for warm weather rain protection and also for blocking wind such as on a long descent after a climb. The jacket rolls up into a little ball that can easily be tucked into a jersey back pocket. I take this jacket along on warm weather rides when rain threatens. I have also used this for numerous long descents down mountains – while it flaps a bit, it is excellent for heat retention in that situation.





The Assos sJ Clima Schutz Jacket is a top-end shell jacket (similar to the Sugio jacket above. This is the best performing jacket I have ever used in the rain. The top half of the sleeves keeps water out while the bottom half breathes. The jacket is ultra-lightweight, and rolls up very easily to fit into a jersey pocket. It is excellent for cold, long mountain descents. The jacket has great zippers and seams. Like all Assos products, this is a high-end, top-quality product. 



Assos SS.Cento Jersey


The Assos SS.Cento Jersey is my go-to jersey for long-distance riding. I have used this jersey on several long-distance bike tours. The material is remarkably comfortable even when sweaty, it dries very quickly, and will keep you warm when the temperature dips slightly. The fit is a bit more relaxed that Assos’ traditional racing fit, but this is still a form-fitting jersey that feels perfect as soon as you get on the bike. Highly recommend adding this to your cycling kit.




Assos Uno_S7 Jersey

The Assos Uno_S7 Jersey is a great jersey for everyday riding and training. It is tight-fitting, very light, and like all Assos products, superbly constructed. The pockets and zippers are excellent. Breathability and quick-drying are also key features that may this an excellent all-around jersey.




Assos SS.Skinfoilsummer_S7 – Body Insulator


The Assos SS.Skinfoilsummer_S7 – Body Insulator is a Assos’ summer baselayer  worn under a jersey. While it is not necessary, it helps alot with moisture management and temperature regulation. If your ride is long and hot or you’re expecting temperature fluctuations such as in different elevations, this is an excellent complement to an Assos jersey and improves its performance.




Assos Bonkaglove_Evo7


The Assos Bonkaglove_Evo7 are an excellent pair of dry-weather winter cycling gloves. They are comfortable on their own in temperatures down to 30F. The gloves are deceptively lightweight and thin compared to other gloves with the same level of performance. The grip and dexterity is great, allowing for easy manual or electronic shifting. These gloves are not waterproof, so for cold rain, wear the Shellgloves_S7 over them which helps with keeping water out, or wear different rain gloves. These gloves are well-constructed and have held up well for many miles of very cold winter riding conditions.


Assos Shellgloves_S7


The Assos Shellgloves_S7 are a very thin almost mitten-like covering for a thicker pair of gloves such as the Bonka gloves when the temperature gets colder or in strong winds. These gloves are nearly weightless and are very easy to carry in a pocket. They also provide good rain protection when worn over warmth-retaining gloves. The cuff provides an excellent seal to keep hands warm and also rain out. A great addition to your kit for all-year cycling.



Assos Tiburuglove_Evo7


The Assos Tiburuglove_Evo7 is a versatile midweight glove good for temperatures between 40F and 60F. These gloves are quite breathable but also retain warmth. They are very flexible, fit very well, and have an excellent grip on handlebars. These are my go-to gloves for spring and fall riding.




Wigwam Thermolite Glove Liner


The Wigwam Thermolite Glove Liner is a great accessory for a next-to-skin layer underneath a thick glove such as the Bonka glove when temperatures dip below 35F, particularly when it’s windy. They provide an extra layer of protection for the fingers while doing a good job wicking away moisture. They are very thin and do not affect dexterity. In very cold and windy conditions, I wear these gloves underneath the Bonka gloves which are then underneath the Shell gloves. This combination has worked well for me in temperatures between 0F and 25F.
Assos Rainglove_Evo7 Gloves


The Assos Rainglove_Evo7 Gloves are made of a neoprene-like material and are very good at keeping your hands warm and relatively dry in moderate rainy conditions down to 50F. The material is almost impervious to water but at the same time does not cause undue hand sweating. Below 50F, these gloves are not warm enough for me but may be for some. Not a necessary item to have in your kit, but a good motivator to get out and push yourself on colder rainy days without having freezing hands.



Giro LX LF Cycling Gloves


The Giro LX LF Cycling Gloves are a super-comfortable pair of leather gloves that I use when it is just a little too cool to use fingerless gloves but not quite cold enough for the Tiburu gloves. The top of the gloves has a mesh layer that allows for excellent breathability, and these gloves provide a superb grip on the handlebars. These gloves are very tight-fitting, so consider going with a size slightly larger than your normal size.



Assos Summergloves_S7


The Assos Summergloves_S7 are somewhat unique amongst fingerless summer gloves in that there is no velcro closing for the wrist. Nevertheless, these gloves fit well and feel good and provide an excellent cushion between hands and handlebars. The gloves move around slightly on the handlebars, which some may not like at least initially, but I have found that this helps to alleviate pressure points and minimize finger fatigue and nerve strain from very long rides. The gloves are very quick driving and very comfortable.



Assos LL.milleTights_S7


The Assos LL.milleTights_S7 are my go-to tights for cycling through the winter. Having tried several tights from other manufacturers, the performance of these tights far exceeds any of them. For me, they work well on their own in temperatures between 35F and 50F. Below 35F, I wear Pearl Izumi Barrier Liner Shorts above the tights. These tights are remarkable in adapting to the shape of your legs and not pulling or having tight spots in various riding positions. Assos makes colder-weather tights too, but when it gets extremely cold (0-10F), I wear another pair of non-bib tights on top of these.


Pearl Izumi Barrier Liner Shorts


The Pearl Izumi Barrier Liner Shorts are very lightweight shorts that in keeping with their name provide an extra barrier for warmth together with whatever tights you are wearing. These are non-padded, and although designed to worn next-to-skin I use these over my Mille tights when temperatures go below 35F.





Assos T.Cento_S7 Bib Shorts


The Assos T.Cento_S7 Bib Short are my go-to bib shorts for long-distance rides and the shorts I use for touring. These mens shorts have a slightly looser fit than a tight racing fit. They are supremely comfortable even when worn for an entire day in very hot conditions. The Kuku Penthouse is a great feature, providing extra protection and avoiding chafing on sensitive areas. While extremely breathable, these shorts also keep you warm when temperatures drop.



Assos T.Equipe_S7 Bib Shorts


The Assos T.Equipe_S7 Bib Shorts are an excellent pair of everyday shorts. They are designed for a tight-fitting racing fit. While soft and very comfortable even for long rides, they are extremely durable. They are quick drying, and the shoulder straps have maintained their tension after many uses. I use these for bibshorts for commuting – they are quick-drying and very breathable. If you buy one pair of Assos bib shorts, I would recommend these.



Defeet Blaze Socks



The Defeet Blaze Socks may be the warmest cycling socks available that are not very bulky. These socks are wool, so they are still warmth-producing while wet. The socks are well-made, robust and durable, and fit well. The material breathes while being extremely warm. The socks take some more time to dry than synthetic materials. When temperatures are below 35F, I wear these socks over the RedHead Thermolite Liner Socks described next.



RedHead Thermolite Liner Sock


The RedHead Thermolite Liner Sock are a fantastic first-layer sock for very cold cycling conditions when layering really helps keep toes warm. These socks help regulate the temperature of your feet and keep your feet dry. Because these socks extend high up the ankle, they are very good for layering under thinner shorter socks when you want some extra leg protection.




Assos Intermediatesocks_S7 Socks


The Assos Intermediatesocks_S7 Socks are deal for temperatures between 45F and 60F. These socks have moderate compression, helping to reduce foot swelling. They adapt remarkably to the temperature, keeping your feet warm when it’s a little chilly while also minimizing moisture building especially as temperatures rise.





Assos Summer Mille Socks


The Assos Summer Mille Socks are excellent all-around summer cycling socks. The socks stay dry even during very hot riding conditions, and are very durable.







Northwave Extreme Winter GTX Road Boots


The Northwave Extreme Winter GTX Road Boots are great winter cycling boots. While some people use regular summer shoes with various coverings when cycling during the winter, these shoes are a much better solution for riding through cold Northeast winters. The shoes are warm (you will still need good sock layers), and somewhat water resistant. I use toe covers over the boots on the coldest days, as they are very well-ventilated. The Boa dials allow for precise fit adjustments. Consider sizing up slightly to allow room for thick socks.  



S-Works 6 Road Shoes

The S-Works 6 Road Shoes are a great cycling shoe for all uses – racing, touring, training, and commuting. They are extremely lightweight and almost feel like a slipper. The Boa dials allow precise, minor fit adjustments. The shoes have minimalist, but very strong construction features. The soles are very still and provide excellent power transfer. Highly recommended.