River Road

River Road, New York and New Jersey


River Road (also known as Henry Hudson Drive) is a serene, beautiful approximately 8-mile long road that runs north of the George Washington Bridge along the Palisades cliffs on the west side of the Hudson River. After a rainstorm, several cascading waterfalls thunder down near the road, and there are excellent views of the Hudson River and beyond.


Riding on River Road is an experience totally removed from the traffic and hustle-and-bustle of New York City. On a nice weekend morning, the road attracts many cyclists. Note that towards of the road before the Ranger Station there is a significant half-mile-long climb called Alpine Climb. While experienced cyclists will have no trouble with the climb, it can be very challenging for new cyclists because of the unrelenting grade.


Getting there: The south entrance to River Road is easily accessible from the George Washington Bridge bike path. After crossing the bridge, make an immediate left on Hudson Terrace. The entrance to River Road is the first left off Hudson Terrace approximately ¼ mile south of the bridge (after Fort Lee Historic Park, site of George Washington’s Revolutionary War encampment).  The north end of River Road ends at a Ranger Station in Alpine, New Jersey.  From there, to complete a loop, you can head southbound on the very popular (for cycling) Route 9W which connects back with the George Washington Bridge via Hudson Terrace, approximately 1 mile north of the bridge.


To get to the George Washington Bridge, cycle up the West Side Highway bike path all the way to the bridge (via Washington Heights), or take the A subway line to the 175th Street Station, which is right next to the Manhattan-side entrance to the bridge.


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